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Mar 01

Steller’s Jay Oregon Blue Bird

Steller’s Jay Oregon Blue Bird .We just call these blue jays,but they are Steller’s Jays,I managed to get close enough to one,and snapped this picture,not a real good shot,but I was lucky to get a picture at all.The Steller’s Jays are real pretty blue with black heads and a black feather plum that comes off …

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Feb 17

Oregon Dragonfly

Oregon dragonfly,Looking to expand my mind,surfing the web for dragonfly information ,I ran across several sites selling a 5×7 print of a dragonfly for 7.00,and I have to say It was not very pretty,OK for a biology class,I guess.So I said to myself ,I’ll show the people my picture of a Oregon Dragonfly,Don’t even know …

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