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Oct 17

Stellers Jay Blue jay

Stellers Jay Blue jay We just call these blue jays,but they are actually named Steller’s Jays,there are several types of blue jays in the US,but this is the one we have in southern Oregon, I managed to get close enough to one,and snapped this picture,not a real good shot,but I was lucky to get a …

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Oct 14

Hydrangea Flower Plants

Hydrangea Flower Plants There are several different species of hydrangeas but the ones we have grown the longest are called mopheads (H. macrophylla). Blue, pink and purple are the most common colors seen in mophead hydrangeas. In addition, this is the ONLY species with colored blooms when they are freshly open. All the other species …

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Oct 04

Blue Dasher Dragonfly

Blue Dasher Dragonfly Looking to expand my knowledge,of Dragonfly’s by surfing the web for information ,I ran across several sites selling a 5×7 print of a dragonfly for 7.00,and I have to say It was not a great dragonfly picture,So I said to myself ,I’ll show the world a  better picture of my Dragonfly picture. …

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