Nov 28

Baby Garden snake

Baby Garden snake

One of the snakes we have plenty of here in Oregon is garden snakes.We have a family of our own snakes in our yard probably because of all the burn piles we have that don’t get burned for years.

Baby Garden snake

Baby Garden snake

This is a shot I took of a fairly new born baby garden snake,also known as a garter snake,that my wife had caught in our yard to show me,this one is pretty new,they are not much smaller than this when just born.This was taken September.2011,probably the last batch that will born this year,at least I have not seen any more new ones since.

We have garden snakes all over our yard,but not too many,so I don’t kill them,but they do startle me sometimes when I am working in the yard and almost step on one,but the outside cats do kill them.I will be walking out back to the garden,and suddenly I side step to keep from stepping on one,usually about three or four times bigger than this one.

I see the adults now and then,some have a red stripe,and some have a green stripe.They like to warm up in the sun when not forging for food,that’s when we usually run into each other,they rear up,and stare at me like they are going to bite me,but i move away,and they zip off under something.

How do they reproduce?

Garden snakes begin mating in the spring as soon as they emerge from hibernation. The males leave the den first and wait for the females to exit. Once the females leave the den the males surround them. The males give off pheromones that attract the females. After the female has chosen her mate and mated, she returns to her summer habitat to feed and to find a proper birth place. However, the males stay to re-mate with other available females. The females have the ability to store the male’s sperm until it is needed and thus a female may not mate if she does not find a proper partner.

This is probably what the baby snake will look like when it grows up

adult garden snake

adult garden snake


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